Our activities

Dissemination of information:
  • Legal and regulatory news (of new EU and Lithuanian legislation, draft legislation) (members only)
  • Guidance on the application of the new requirements (members only)
  • A.I.S.E. and Cosmetics Europe projects and initiatives (members only)
  • Advanced industrial initiatives and promotion of good practices
  • Dissemination of information about special events, exhibitions and seminars taking place in Lithuania and Europe
  • To publicize the activities of the Association through A.I.S.E. , Cosmetics Europe and the national associations
Participation in the legislative process (members only):
  • Organization of education and training events / seminars (participation is free to members)
  • Participation in the working groups and committees of both Lithuanian and EU level
  • Comments and observations provision for draft legislation
  • Initiation of legislative amendments
Promoting cooperation:
  • Expert and consultancy activities (paid services, discounts for members)
  • Round-table discussions on issues of the organization (members only)
  • Cooperation agreements with state institutions
Expert and consultancy activities (paid services, discounts for members)
  • Consultation on the placing cosmetics and household chemicals products on the market, technical regulations, labeling, advertising and other issues
  • Cosmetic products notification
  • Cosmetics safety assessment reports
  • Cosmetic products certification
  • Information about cosmetic ingredients
  • Dermatological and microbiological tests
  • Preparation and translation of safety data sheets
  • Biocidal products authorization document preparation
  • Issuance of free trade certificates (members free)
  • Other
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